Veronika Nesverova

How focus at work prevents dull life

I almost never work for more than 8 hours each day. And even though I can get a lot of ...
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On snoozing and honouring one’s decisions

I am having a great struggle with getting up in the morning these days. Every evening when I set my ...
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Veronika Nesverova - dealing with failure, exploring emotions

Exploring my emotions while dealing with failure

Tomorrow my passion project, the Malmö Workshop Festival, would have happened if it wasn’t cancelled. And today I’ll share with ...
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I’m obsessed with nature and why you should be too

I love nature, I love surrounding myself with nature and I love creating nature in my home. It's one of ...
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I have two lives (My thoughts on combining science and entrepreneurship)

Do you know me through the startup world? Or through Workshoppa? And did you know that I actually spend most ...
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Veronika Nesverova Workshoppa

How have my mindset and my opinions changed since I started my own business

About one year ago I have decided to do some bubble-hopping. Bubble-hopping as of trying to at least for a ...
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My 2017 in review

Hobbies Started some serious orienteering, joined Lunds OK orienteering club, attended countless trainings, 15 competitions including a 25 person relay ...
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